Become The Force

Our Mission Statement

Jediism is a new philosophy supporting the idea of one all-powerful life energy Force that connects all living things in the universe together. Only by balancing our self-awareness with unity awareness in the Force can find ourselves and discover our meaning and purpose. Jediists believe we are all interconnected and one with the universal life Force.


The Force exists within and all around us and in every living being. If you are struggling to understand the concept of the Force, think in terms spirit or consciousness. Think of the part of you that thinks, feels, loves and dreams and is somehow separate from your body.

It is the part of you that may or may not survive death depending on your beliefs. All belief systems and religions are welcome within Jediism, including atheists. Jediism encourages respect, compassion, kindness, acceptance and tolerance regardless of culture, religion, gender, sexual and racial identity and background.

Physical & Mental Control

The Force has a light and a dark side. The light side is all that is loving, compassionate and wise and the dark side the polar opposite. Jediists always seek the light in everyone and everything.

Developing Your Superpowers

Jediism is a digital philosophy. Followers embrace technology and regard the internet as an absolutely essential tool for spreading the word and connecting like-minded individuals. This means it can be practised with the application of online technologies alone and requires no physical church or place of meeting for followers. Having said that many Jediists do also engage in real life meets, ceremonies and gatherings where cloaks and lightsabers can be worn but ritual and clothing requirements are certainly not mandatory.


Self-help is fundamental for all Jediists, and the movement offers applied living techniques to encourage personal growth and development, but at its absolute core Jediism is about helping others. A Jediist strives to remain in a constant state of calm alertness so that he or she can protect the vulnerable and defenceless at all times.

Holistic Well-being

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