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Within The Church of Jediism, we have thousands of members but most notable are our celebrity members, this page is dedicated to our celebrity Church members.

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Portrait of Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis

Actor: Star Wars, Willow
Warwick was knighted an official member of the Church of Jediism on TV in front of more than 5 million people by Daniel M. Jones.

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Actor: American Pie, Rookie Of The Year
Thom is a well known American actor and musician, and a personal friend of the Church founder Daniel M. Jones. Thom and Daniel have also shared the stage together to play music.

Portrait of Gail Porter

Gail Porter

Model | TV Personality
As well as being a friend to Daniel M. Jones, and a support and mentor in his music career, Gail is an avid Star Wars fan and a member of the Church.

Portrait of MC Lars

MC Lars

Musician | Rapper

“If I were a Jedi, I could out-rap Busta Rhymes”

Portrait of Kyle Newman

Kyle Newman

Director | Writer: Fan Boys, Barley Lethal
Kyle is a fan of Star Wars and a fan of the Church and is an honorary member of the Church.

Portrait of Kaiulani Lando Dodson

Kaiulani Lando Dodson

Musician: Army Of Freshmen
Kai is a huge Star Wars fan, from having a Star Wars tattoo on his wrist to changing his middle name to Lando. As a fellow musician, Kai and Daniel M. Jones met on tour as they were performing together. Kai is also an honorary member of the Church.

Portrait of Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung

Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller

Portrait of Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach

Paranormal Expert
World-recognised expert and educator on the paranormal and psychic experience.

Portrait of Dr Julia Mossbridge

Dr Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD

Her major research interest is in understanding how humans can use unconscious information processing to perceive events that occur in the future.

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