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Helping others reach their potential is a defining feature of Jediism. If we learn something that helps or inspires us we pass it on and teach others. You may want to take on an apprentice at some point that you can guide and inspire.

But we don’t just try to guide and inspire others with their spiritual development we also go out of our way to be helpful. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or time-consuming, something as simple as holding open a door for the person behind or offering to help someone carry their bags or giving up your seat for someone vulnerable is the helpful and compassionate way of the Jediist.

We actively and on a daily basis promote the path of harmony with the Force through finding happiness by helping others at any opportunity. Volunteer work in your local community on a regular basis is highly recommended.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in helping the running of this website and all Church of Jediism social media. If you would like to do that please contact us.

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